Tooth Colored Resin Restorations

Amalgam or silver filling was the material most often used to restore decayed portions of your teeth, especially back teeth. Unfortunately, silver fillings can really darken a smile, and amalgam, by its very nature, can cause damage to your tooth in the long run. The amalgam fillings absorb moisture, expand, and contract with either cold or hot. With that said as the filling ages it is more likely to fracture your tooth. The other thing that silver fillings tend to do is they go under metal fatigue, leak, and corrode over time which destroys the seal which allows decay to develop. With the current technology tooth colored resin restorations provide a beautiful, natural, and attractive smile. There are many shades and translucencies for tooth colored resins for us to choose from to custom color and come up with a perfect match specifically for each patient. The material restores durability and strength to your tooth because it is bonded to your existing tooth structure. Teeth restored with tooth colored restorations are less sensitive to hot and cold. Some may add that Mercury is a toxin and tooth colored resins are mercury free.