Routine Maintenance

The importance in routine maintenance is essential to your oral health. Serious oral conditions usually begin as treatable problems. Because of Dr. Alexander M. Della Bella’s commitment in preventative dental care, we recommend a routine dental hygiene appointment at least every six months. Some patients with some periodontal issues will most likely come in every three to four months, depending on the patients needs. Routine dental hygiene appointment enables us to keep tartar from accumulating on your teeth.  Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria and food that forms on your teeth which can harden in twenty four hours to become tartar and the bacteria in plaque also causes tooth decay. Even with proper home care in brushing and flossing most people are not able to remove all the plaque every day which turns into tartar buildup.  Tartar buildup and plaque are some of the causes of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation that makes the gums swell and turn red, and bleed. Gingivitis can be reversed but if is not treated it can lead periodontal disease. Periodontal Disease is an infection that causes bone loss, gums to recede, and eventually tooth loss. During your routine dental hygiene appointment we will perform a through exam to check the health of your gums, measure the bone levels around your teeth, check for cavities, check your existing restorations, and examine your bite or the way your teeth come together. Most dental problems or concerns usually start small and then continue to grow larger. Routine Maintenance enables us to catch gingivitis, cavities, cracked fillings, leaking fillings, occlusion or bite problems, and oral cancer before they become more serious conditions. Your routine maintenance is the best way reduce dental problems, money , and your time in the dental chair.