Reconstructive Dentistry - (Implants, Bridges, and Dentures)

Reconstructive dentistry is defined as a process of reconstructing a patient’s gums, jaw, teeth or any combination of these. Reconstructive dentistry is more extensive then cosmetic dentistry and it is mostly done under local anesthetic. Majority of the time when someone needs reconstructive dentistry it is often a result of an accident, heredity, or poor oral hygiene. It is often desired for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, but it can be medically necessary if it interferes with normal functions of your mouth. TMJ disorders (temporomandibular joint), jaw injuries, overcrowding, chewing, speech, and many other medical problems that may require reconstructive dentistry. Before considering reconstructive dentistry, it is necessary to have a consultation with Dr. Della Bella. At that consultation he will go over your medical history, examine your mouth, take x-rays, take photographs intra-orally, and then discuss your options. Reconstructive dentistry usually involves the construction of new teeth, repairing, rebuilding, or implants where teeth are missing. Every patient is different so there will be a treatment plan specifically for you. Some patients never knew there is help until reconstructive dentistry was shown on the hit television program called “Extreme Makeover”. It is the most extensive part of dentistry. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.