Patient Comfort


We are pleased to introduce and offer “NuCalm” – a revolutionary, safe, and proven technology that naturally relaxes the mind and body without drugs.

Imagine a relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable dental experience...

Imagine leaving your next dental appointment feeling rejuvenated, balanced and actually happy you kept your appointment...

Imagine enjoying the experience so much you can't wait to tell your friends and family and, even looking forward to going back to the dentist...

The NuCalm Experience

Think about how you feel as you lay down to go to sleep. Your mind may race about the day's events or something that is happening the next day. Slowly, you begin to relax - you can feel gravity pulling you deeper into your bed and pillow, you may have strange mental associations or daydreams, you may experience neuromuscular releases (body parts twitching) where you have built up lactic acid, and you will begin deep breathing. This experience is the Alpha stage of sleep. This is the exact stage you will be in throughout your NuCalm experience.

With NuCalm, you will be in the dental chair getting treatment, but you will be so relaxed that you will not be aware of or focused on the dentistry. You will actually feel like you are at a spa or a place of deep relaxation. Imagine that, deep relaxation in the dental chair.

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