Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically fixed substitutes for roots of missing teeth. Embedded in the jawbone, they act as anchors for a replacement tooth, also known as a crown, or a full set of replacement teeth. Implants should be considered as an option for replacing missing or failing teeth. The purpose of the implant surgery is to place a fixed endosteal root anchored in the jaw bone so that it can receive the replacement teeth and hold them in place. Replacing a lost tooth with an implant means that the overall health and function of the surrounding teeth is maintain. With a dental implant you can prevent tooth migration and bone loss. If you are replacing dentures, implants can provide great benefits for ill or poor fitting dentures. Implants help hold or anchor a denture for support so there is no limitation to chewing or speech. The dental implant procedure occurs under local anesthetic. The implant is placed into your jawbone with a cover screw and stitches to allow healing for up to three months. After the healing the implant is then uncovered and your cover screw is then removed. Then a healing abutment or cap is placed to allow the tissues around the implant to be trained to grow around the final prosthetic tooth. After the tissues have healed you are now ready for your tooth. Dr. Della Bella will then take impressions for the laboratory to make you a custom abutment and implant crown. The abutment is then screwed into the cylinder of the implant and then the crown is directly cemented to the abutment.