Injury Management Card

Dr. Alexander M. Della Bella and his passion for sports dentistry developed the Emergency Treatment of Athletic Dental Injuries Card. The card comes in four different languages- English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. He recommends that every sports medicine team include these cards and or have a dentist that is knowledgeable in sports dentistry to be a part of the sports medicine team. The card gives information on Avulsion (Entire Tooth Knocked Out), Luxation (Tooth in the Socket, but in the wrong position), and a Fracture (Broken Tooth) and how to immediately transport the patient and the tooth fragments to Dr. Alexander M. Della Bella. For the best transport of a knocked out tooth or teeth is to use Save-A-Tooth Preserving System.

To purchase Save-A-Tooth you can call 1-888-788-6684 or at . You never know when an emergency may strike at home. We recommend this product in every home. A child or an adult can have an accidental fall or get accidentally hit in the mouth or wreck your bike, etc…….

To Purchase the Emergency Treatment of Athletic Dental Injuries Cards in which ever language you will need please contact The Academy for Sports Dentistry at 1-800-273-1788 and outside of The United States at 217-227-3431.

Spanish - Tratamiento de Emergencia del Trauma Dental Deportivo 

French - Traitement Dentaire Urgent Pour Les Sports 

Portuguese - Tratamento de Emergencia para Atleticos com Traumas Odontologicos